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The Studio


Foci MCGA features a fully equipped hot shop facility, with space and equipment for kiln work, neon, fusing, and sandcasting. Whether you are a pro or just getting started, we can accommodate you! Schedule a visit to our studios Monday - Sunday 10am - 9pm *Summer Hours - studio will close Fri., Sat., Sun. at 5pm July 1-Labor Day.

To reserve studio shop time, qualified renters can visit our reservation system.

Online hot shop reservations must be made in 3 hour increments. Shorter sessions may be available. Call the studio to find out: 612-759-8476

All shop rental time is paid for at the studio when you check in for your reservation.

New Renters: Please contact our Director of Studio Operations to set up an orientation. 


Studio Features

Studio features

Hot glass studio

4 Glory Holes (largest 36" depth x 20" diameter)

  • (1) 300lb capacity furnace
  • (1) 600lb capacity furnace; molten glass is always ready to use
  • (4) Annealers (largest 5' width x 28" height)
  • (1) Color Hangar (to store color bits while you work)

Cold Shop

Mold Shop, Kiln Shop, Torch Shop and Neon Shops


Studio Rental Pricing


Hot Shop Rental



Hot Shop Rental

$40/hr $55/hr

Bulk Purchase

$630 (35/hr)

Purchase Bulk Hours

Not Eligible

Foci MCGA Students

$35/hr $35/hr


$4.50/hr $8/hr

Extra Glass Usage (more than 5 lbs/hr)

$2/lb $3.50/lb

Propane Torch

$2.00/hr $3.50/hr

Oxy-Propane Torch

$4.50/hr $8/hr

Kiln Shop and Annealing Ovens



Bonnie & Milky

Fusing, casting or extra annealing over the 18.5 hr blownware standard allotment

$35 for 24 hour

$50 for 24 hours

Little Boxies 1 & 2

Fusing, casting or extra annealing over the 18.5 hr blownware standard allotment

$25 for 24 hours

$35 for 24 hours


Cold Shop Rental



Equipment Use/Rental

$10/hr $20/hr

Bulk Purchase

$50 ($5/hr) Not Eligible


$20 for 3oz $30 for 3oz

Neon Studio



Torch Workspace Rental

$10/hr $18/hr

Clear Glass Tubing (2 pieces)

$3 $5

Sandcasting Shop



Studio & Equipment Rental