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A Surrealist's Attitude

May 23-27



Paul Marioni - A Surrealist's Attitude

Sand casting is a process that is thousands of years old. It is known best, in the metal working industry. Glass-makers have taken this knowledge and applied it to the hot casting process. One of the major benefits of this process is the immediacy and ease of manipulating the molds, including spontaneity and adding undercuts. This course will focus on these aspects. We will be constructing molds from Styrofoam and using ready-made objects. With some objects, we will be introducing plaster gauze casting and alternate methods within this process. We will discuss the process from making of molds, the preparation of the sand, ladling of glass and annealing. In addition to the technical aspects there will be lectures, demonstrations, and slide shows on the aesthetics of cast glass and its implications as object and architectural elements.

This is a hands-on-class. Students will learn the process from start to finish, including the preparation of objects, preparation of sand and materials and ladling of glass.

Skill Level

Students of all experience should apply. No experience is necessary.

Artist Statement

Paul Marioni - A Surrealist's Attitude

May 23-27, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM