July Education Updates

Registration Deadlines

Starting in July we are introducing Registration Deadlines for all of our classes. This will allow us to more accurately plan materials for classes and whether or not a class will run, as well as giving a reasonable notice to staff, instructors and students. This information will be posted in our class advertising as well as on the website within the class listings. This is especially important for our Visiting Artist classes, where we are flying in amazing artists from around the country for everyone to learn from and network with. Please keep your eye out in the next month as these Registration Deadlines begin to show up within our materials.

Class Deposits

Did you know that you can put a $100 deposit down for a class to reserve your spot right away? We recognize that sometimes it is difficult to come up with the full tuition for a class ahead of time. By putting this reasonable deposit down as soon as you see a class that you’re interested in, or before the Registration Deadline, you secure your place in the class and help us to ascertain if the class will run! 

2020 Education Programming

We are almost finished finalizing our 2020 Educational Programming! We are implementing some very exciting changes based on feedback from the classes. A few changes include lengthening the Screen Printing and Venetian Techniques class to six weeks long, revamping the curriculum for the Glassblowing 2 class, developing more split weekend classes with student practice time in between, and offering several additional Neon 1 classes due to an outstanding interest in them this year. We also have a stellar lineup of Visiting Artists planned for next year! Keep an eye out this fall for our new catalog to find out who!

Looking forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming classes!

Jon Rees

Education Coordinator

Jon Rees