Exhibition: Minnesota Masters

Minnesota Masters Exhibition

Foci MCGA will be celebrating the vibrant community and history of glassmaking in Minnesota. Curated by Chad Holliday, the new Studio Operation Director of Foci MCGA, this exhibition brings together many of the historically significant glassmakers in Minnesota. These exhibited artists have been selected for their contributions to the Minnesota Glass community, their level of craft, and their vision as Glass Artist to expand the potential of the medium. Come visit Foci MCGA and celebrate the legacy of these iconic Minnesota Artists.

Rick Schneider
David Royce
Josephine A Geiger
Donna Rice

Participating Artists

Chris Ahalt
Michael Boyd
Todd Cameron
Steve Claypatch
Shoshana Englard
Trish Gardiner
Fred Kaemer
Stacey & Christopher Kelly
Thomas Maras
Brandon Martin
Steve Palmer
Donna Rice
Cathy Richardson
David Royce
Rick Schneider
Robinson Scott
Andrew Shae
Andre Thompson
Robert Toensing
Peter Zelle
Josephine Geiger

Special Guest - Paul Marioni



Location: Foci MCGA Gallery
Exhibition: May 7- June 31, Mon-Sun 10am-9pm
Reception: May 26, 6pm-9pm