Rental and Safety Policies

A "renter" is anyone who uses Foci MCGA studio equipment; including tools, pipes, torches, or other glass forming utensils.


All Renters Must:

Booking Time:

The Foci Hot Shop Rental Calendar can be found on the home page by clicking the RENTAL CALENDAR icon. Sign in with the password you were given upon completion of a qualifying class or when you received Studio Manager approval.

To rent hot shop time, a renter must book time with at least 24 hours advanced notice on the hot shop rental calendar. In the event it's within 24 hours, the renter needs to call the studio to make the reservation. Renters can rent time at a minimum of a three-hour slot. It is up to the renter to indicate special needs on their rental slot in the description section on the reservation calendar.

Currently, people can rent between 10am and 9pm, 7 days a week.

  • Renters should provide all necessary information as indicated on the reservation.

  • Special requests or notes should be indicated in the “description” section of the reservation.

  • Late hours may be available to renters if you have at least one year of glass blowing experience and permission from the Studio Manager. Email or call the studio at 612-759-8476.

If you are a new renter, please indicate this on your reservation. You will need to schedule the hot shop orientation prior to your rental slot.

Studio staff need to sign off that new renters have gone through the hot shop orientation.

Paying for Time:

  • You are required to check in and out with the staff on duty. Before you start your blow time, you need to pay for the time you are using and any fee-schedule items. Studio time is paid for in half hour increments. If renters exceed their reservation limit, but the excess is less than fifteen minutes, they will not be charged for this portion of time. If renters exceed their reservation limit by more than 15 minutes, they will be charged an additional half an hour. The minimum rental rate for the Cold Shop is half an hour.

  • If you are using bulk hours, you need to notify staff of this before starting. When you finish working, please fill out a BULK HOURS form. This should be initialed by the staff on duty. Any discrepancies in time reserved vs. time actually used should be noted on both the BULK HOURS form and the hot shop schedule. Please email the main office at if you have any questions.

  • The laptop on the desk is for staff use only. If you want to reserve or adjust time, please ask the staff on duty to take care of this for you.

During the slot, renters should replace pipes and punties as they use them.

When placing work in the annealer, it should be filled from back to front for efficient use of space.

Pieces that fall into the glory hole should be immediately retrieved (preferably by staff) and discarded in the scrap color buckets located next to the studio pipes and punties. The glory holes are lined with a substance that is difficult to see while sorting glass and will contaminate the furnace pot if accidentally recycled with the clear glass.

Colored glass pieces and pipes with color on the moile need to be placed in the scrap color buckets. This helps cut down on the time studio staff spend cleaning the glass.

Benches should be cleared of tools (unless requested by following renter) and glass trimmings/broken pieces swept up

Tools must be put back in designated area. Please check with staff if unsure where they go

Pay for any extra time or fee-schedule items used and unpaid when you checked in

  • Setting up for the rental slot/before starting
    Renters should set up pipes and punties they plan to use. Please do not use what other people have placed in the pipe warmer without asking for permission.

  • During the Rental Slot

  • At the End of the Rental Slot


All studio users must clean up after themselves. Any work, materials, or supplies left unattended after working in the studio will be removed by staff. Cleaning must be completed during your rental time slot or class period in order to accommodate other studio renters.

Exceptions to the Rules:

  • Renters are welcome to work longer than their scheduled blow slot--time and resources permitting.

  • Renters are welcome to cancel their blow slot due to poor glass quality or malfunctioning equipment.

  • Renters are welcome to rent less than 3 hours if their blow slot falls before or after a pre-booked slot. These slots (less than 3 hours) can be reserved by calling the studio staff at 612-759-8476.

The Director of Studio Operations and the Director of Administrative Operations have the authority to override these policies and can give verbal or written permission to any staff member or other Foci MCGA employee to do so.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Renters must cancel 24 hours before the scheduled slot to avoid a fee. If the renter cancels within 24 hours of their reservation, it will result in a $30 fee to cover operating costs. In the event a renter does not cancel their reservation and fails to notify the studio, they will be billed for the full amount of their rental reservation.

*Renters are first asked to call the studio and leave a message. If they cannot reach anyone by phone, they are asked to also email us at

Refunds for poor glass quality, malfunctioning equipment or terminating a reservation early are given at the discretion of the Director of Studio Operations.

Renter Conduct:

  • Renters are not permitted to operate any equipment at any time unless instructed to do so by Foci MCGA Staff.

  • Renters should notify staff immediately if they are hurt or concerned for their safety.

  • Renters are not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they are blowing glass. If a renter is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working in the hot shop, Foci staff have the authority to tell them to stop working. If the individual refuses to cooperate, they will be asked to leave. If they continue to refuse to cooperate, Foci staff have the authority to call the police.

  • It is mandatory for renters to wear safety glasses and closed toe shoes while blowing glass.

  • Renters are encouraged to ask studio staff if they have any questions or need any help at any time during their rental slot. We want renters to be happy and successful.

Claiming Your Work:

  • Renters can retrieve their work from the shelf located in the cold shop. In the event their work is not on the shelf, they should speak to a staff member.

  • Renters are not permitted to open an annealer to check for work unless given permission by studio staff.