Accommodation and Participation  

Foci MCGA is committed to serving all people of all abilities. Foci MCGA's home studio is currently located in a building that is not ADA accessible. The Foci MCGA staff, board of directors, and building landlords are working diligently to remedy our accessibility constraints. While there is some access into our building for those with physical limitations, it is unreliable. Foci MCGA will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodation to ensure wide participation in our programs and activities. We request 10-days prior notice of any accommodation needs. Also, we welcome people of all abilities to join us for our mobile hotshop and off-site events.

We welcome questions or feedback about accessibility and are willing to share our future plans for those that are interested. Please email us or call us at 612-623-3624.

Foci MCGA’s Full ADA Policy