Glass Demo

Our Glass Demonstrations are live educational experiences, catered to your group, providing an insight into working with various hot glass techniques. Narrated by a glass expert, the FOCI MCGA Glass Demonstration provides an informative and entertaining look at what glass is, how it behaves at high temperatures, and how people manipulate glass to create beautiful works of art. The demonstration is appropriate for ages 5 and up, with older groups getting more advanced information. The demonstration lasts a little over an hour, and can be booked at any time that fits your schedule. In order to secure your reservation, please schedule at least 7 days in advance to insure we have room to host your group.

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Your group may qualify for special educational pricing. Call 612-623-3624 to see if your group qualifies and to hear more about this special pricing.
For groups of 1 - 15
For groups of 16 - 30
For groups of 31 - 45
For groups of 46 or more.
Max group size is 60 at a time.